About Us!

theeAvenue is a health and wellness company for the free spirited who embrace a daily active lifestyle, and aims for a healthier more physical life!

Probably the biggest obstacle you encounter when pursuing a healthy lifestyle is that the products are way too expensive! Our goal is to help customers find premium products they need, at an affordable price!

Our Mission: is to help guide and maintain the health and wellness of our customers. There are many daily avenues to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping the air in your home purified, eating and drinking beneficially, working out; this is why we offer products to every aspect of your day. We are "thee" only "Avenue" you'll ever need; your one stop shop! See what I did there! 

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia and we proudly ship to all 7 continents, except Antarctica because I'm pretty sure no one lives there. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us anytime at: contact@theeavenue.com 

We also have a Facebook and Instagram page 

Facebook.com/theeAvenue & instagram.com/theeavee

 Happy Shopping! :)


Mail our office:
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